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Why TalentDecrypt Assessments ?

A shift towards smart Hiring

Automated Evaluation

Automated assessment in different coding languages and 100+ technical domains

Precise & Rich Insights

Remain up to date with candidate's activities allowing you to understand behaviour and choose wisely

Skill based decisions

Ditch the old school resume filtering and hire candidates based on the skills that matter

High Scale Plagiarism Protection

We guarantee complete fairness and authenticity of submissions through our intelligent proctoring mechanism

Better Candidate Experience

Our candidate interface is designed to enhance their performance and experience

Employee Branding

Proudly showcase your company's culture and logo on our test branding page

Automated Evaluation of all Technical skills at your fingertips

AI powered intelligent test creation to evaluate any skill set effortlessly.
Choose from our library of 10,000+ unique real life based questions or Create your own.


Detailed Performance Reports & test insights

View information about candidate's code quality, performance in individual questions, test cases passed and failed, and much more.Receive Real time updates of candidate's activities .

Real time candidate activity tracker
Filter Candidates
Advanced plagiarism reports
Easy downloadable Reports

We are Expert at it

Our 3 Layered cheating prevention mechanism ensures complete fairness and authenticity of user submissions.

Browser Footprint tracking
Intelligent Webcam
Disable Tab switch, Copy-Paste.
Human Intervention

An Experience your Candidates
will love

Code Suggestions

Autocomplete Code to enhance experience

Programming Language selection

Code in language of your choice

IDE customisations

Customise your own code environment

Debugging Console

Candidate can run & refactor code

Say No to False Negatives & False Positives

  • Easy-to-use software that can
    scale with your business
  • Hassle free & effective
    Recruiting Experience
  • Accurate Decisions powered by
    advanced real time analytics
  • Improve efficiency of the hiring process
    cutting down time, money and energy
  • Real-Time Candidate monitoring to
    understand behaviour and choose wisely.
  • Easy Affordable Pricing to,
    cater to all business needs

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