How to maintain Integrity?

Integrity of Physical Exam   =   Integrity of Online Exam

Easy Setup Get started in 30 minutes

Comprehensive Remote training program for your faculty and students!

SetUp Exam & Invite Students

Create customised test and send bulk Email invites to students on single click.

Approve Candidates
& Proctor Test

After being approved candidates take test in a secure & (AI + Human) proctored environment

Instant Real-time Results

Get real time report about detailed candidate performance

Conduct Online exams with the same integrity as in Classrooms

Robust, Scalable, Secure, Accurate and Easy-to use assessment platform combined with the
stellar combination of AI + Human Proctoring ensures complete authentication

Our Advanced Remote Proctoring Suite


Candidate Identity Verification
Candidate Workspace Verification
Candidate System Check
​Single Session Login
Live Audio+Video+Screen Proctoring
Live Chat with Candidate
Live Address Multiple Candidates
Record and Review Proctoring
Instantly End Candidate Test
Block Copy Paste, Print, Download
Browser Patrolling
Intelligent P​lagiarism​ Detector
Detailed A​ctivity Log
AI-powered ​Suspicious Activity Tracking

Robust, Scalable & Easy-to-Use solution

for both Faculty & Students

Your Data is safe with us

Our stringent policies and extensive protocols to ensure information privacy and data security at every stage of the examination/assessment process.

  • Secure AWS cloud Storage: Secure Data Hosting on Amazon Web Services
  • ISO 27001 Certified: All our legal, physical and technical process adhere to global standards of Information Security.
  • ISO 9001 Certified: This certification demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet our customer's and regulatory requirements.

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